Thunder One is by far one of the most versatile soft light panels.
    It spreads lights that are brighter, softer and fresher.
    It combines new semiconductor technology, innovative color - mixing alogorithms and latest camera and display research achievements.
    It's a brand - new weapon you can use for various film and television lighting applications.

Specifications (Thunder One)

Optical system Soft Light Panel
Light Aperture 3.2' x 1.6'
Weight Approx. 16.6kg/36.6lbs(including built-in power supply)
Handling Aluminum Yoke, Tilt Lock
Mounting 28mm Spigot(Junior Pin)
Tilt Angle ±90°
White Light 2700K ~ 10000K with each step of 50K
Color Light Full R+G+B+W+A Gamut, with user defined white point
CCT Tolerance +/- 100(nominal), +/-1/10 Green/Magenta(nominal)
Color Rendering Ra 95, TLCI 92
Green/Magenta Adjusting Duv -0.015~0.015 with each step of 0.1%
Dimming 0~100% dimming with each step of 0.1%
Power Supply Input Range AC 100 to 240V, 50/60Hz, Battery 24V to 30V
Power Consumption 430~450W
Control On-board controller, 5 Pin DMX in/out, Bluetooth mobile app
Firmware Upgrade Firmware upgradable via flash drive
Operating Temperature -20°C to +45°C
Estimated color shift over life time 3 SDCM
Estimated LED Lifetime(L70) 50,000 hours
Screen Luminance Approx. 60,000 cd/m2
Screen Uniformity >90%


Photometric data(Thunder One)

DistanceCCTllluminance(standard diffuser)
llluminance(with intensifier)
1m/3.28ft3200K12200 lx1133 fc18103 lx1681 fc
5600K11950 lx1110 fc17521 lx1627 fc
2m/6.5ft3200K3512 lx326 fc5257 lx488 fc
5600K3365 lx313 fc5005 lx465 fc
3m/9.8ft3200K1580 lx147 fc2353 lx219 fc
5600K1558 lx145 fc2285 lx212 fc
5m/16.4ft3200K643 lx60 fc950 lx88 fc
5600K627 lx58 fc934 lx87 fc
7m/23ft3200K365 lx34 fc544 lx50 fc
5600K357 lx33 fc526 lx49 fc
3200K234 lx22 fc351 lx33 fc
5600K231 lx21 fc336 lx31 fc

Photometric data(Thunder Lite)

DistanceCCTllluminance(standard diffuser)llluminance(with intensifier)
1m/3.28ft3200K8032 lx746 fc11957 lx1111 fc
5600K7808 lx725 fc11711 lx1088 fc
2m/6.5ft3200K1998 lx186 fc2092 lx279 fc
5600K2077 lx193 fc3113 lx289 fc
3m/9.8ft3200K880 lx82 fc1286 lx119 fc
5600K898 lx83 fc1341 lx125 fc
5m/16.4ft3200K326 lx30 fc483 lx45 fc
5600K347 lx32 fc517 lx48 fc
7m/23ft3200K176 lx16 fc261 lx24 fc
5600K190 lx18 fc277 lx26 fc
9m/29.5ft3200K110 lx10 fc163 lx15 fc
5600K121 lx11 fc178 lx17 fc
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